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Clients have the option of choosing individual services such as public relations support (writing, editing, proofreading, and print product management) or public relations advice, or they can choose a package comprising some or all of these elements.

A consultation with us will enable us determine which of the above best suits your needs and your budget.

Our network of highly experienced writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, translators and photographers enables us to offer clients a seamless service – from initial concept and design to delivery of the final product.




● writing web content that     is focused and    compelling.
● writing brochures and
   information booklets.
● producing magazines    and newsletters – from    concept stage through
   to writing, editing, design    and printing
● ghostwriting articles for    newspapers and    magazines


 ● translation
 ● graphic design
 ● photography


Editing all types of corporate communications – from marketing collateral, proposals, tender documents, strategic plans and annual reports to technical reports and scientific research studies – to make them accessible to a lay audience.

Working both on site and off site with client management teams and marketing teams – to provide public relations support and strategic communications advice.

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